Pssss … Did Someone Graffiti The Internet??

Yes, they did!!

and they did and  they are still there:  “Got Graf”   features artist:

Photographer and Painter

Eriberto Oriol

  • Internationally published

  • Contemporary

  • Prominently collected by some institutions and individuals

  • Youth and adult Appeal

  • Part of history in “Los Angeles Portrait of A City.” See Taschen books. One of Eriberto’s photos ‘Americas Most Wanted’ was selected along with photos of Rodi King beating, Robert Kennedy assassination  and others pics to be part of the history of the city of Los Angeles through photos:  see Taschen on – line:  Eriberto’s photo on page: 536.  Book used in History classes on history of Los Angeles.  Details:  BLOG   “What contributes to someone’s art becoming a good ART investment?”