“Dream of the Blue Mango / El Sueno del Mango Azul”
Once upon a time, there was a little girl with a dream where she saw people of all colors and sizes come together and have a GREAT time.  They were playing, working together, and you could see peoples smiles from far away. People’s sky was bluer; the birds sang and the glaciers stop melting. It was a BEAUTIFUL healthy thriving WORLD. 
In the little girls’ dream, she went for a walk, and when she did, she ran into a beautiful woman.  “I am the Goddess of Dreams and I live in the Blue Mango Tree Forest” the woman said. “You seem like a very nice young woman and I know your dreams.  I am going to give you one of my magical blue mangoes,” the woman said.
“A Blue Mango? Why are these mangoes BLUE?”  the little girl asked.  The beautiful woman responded, “Regular mangoes are yellow and green and are naturally sweet, when people eat them, they do FEEL BETTER NATURALLY, but when they eat of these blue mangoes, they become very creative and their lives are enriched.  They feel better and get a certain calmness in their lives.  The “Dream of the Blue Mango or Mango Azul” is that everyone gets to enjoy some of these magic mangoes.”  In Spanish we say, “El Sueno del ‘Mango Azul es que todos puedan gozar de este Mango Azul.
When the Goddess of Dreams gave her the blue mango, the little girl ran home happy. After a few weeks when nothing happened, the little girl got sad.  She then decided to go out again to look for the GODDESS of DREAMS. When she found her, she asked the Goddess, “Why is nothing happening?” The Goddess replied, “The magic will start when you do your part to help make our world a better place and others follow.” 
When the little girl awoke from her dream, she saw that people were not getting along, birds had stop singing and the glaciers had started to melt; she got sad, but she always remembered the beautiful dream of the Mango Azul.
The little girl is now a woman and lives happy knowing that she is doing her part to enrich people’s lives with her artistic blue mangoes and helping others make the dream of the Blue Mango Azul/El Sueno del Mango Azul become a reality.

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