Who is Eriberto Oriol?


Eriberto is an Artist/Activist – Making a Difference

As an activist, he advocated for environmental, economic, and health services for underprivileged communities.

As an artist, he has been an artist for some time and has contributed to the arts in various different ways.

  • Sotheby Auction House Director of Contemporary Art and History in New York, added to her art collection with some of Eriberto’s artwork.


  • Founded two fulltime medical and one dental clinic, which are still providing services to thousands. Linda Vista Clinic and Logan Heights Health Care Center, San Diego CA.


  • As co-founder of the Pico House Gallery and Art Director in Los Angeles, he helped many young artists’ careers and contributed to the arts in general through his art.


  • Produced the first major graffiti exhibit in Los Angeles and the First Tribute to Alfredo Siqueiros that drew international media attention and artistic acclaim.

Who is Eriberto Oriol?

 Artist Eriberto Oriol

Mural size Painting 16'.6" x 6'

Mural size Painting 16′.6″ x 6′


Artist Eriberto Oriol

By Angelica

There is a certain kind of freedom that comes from madness.  With civilization come the rules and regulations.  Who is really free? Who are the normal people; those who are free to act on their instincts and desires; or those who are ruled by regulations and expectations?


Artist, Eriberto Oriol, is not interested in following the rules and schools of art.  In his paintings and drawings, Eriberto speaks with his own voice.  Projecting his emotions through color, line and expression with more of an international flare from inspirations that comes from great art from Asia, Africa and Mesoamerica.
Like much of his work, in his drawing “Freaked Out,” it is a juxtaposition of color, line and shapes. The color pink in the background juxtaposed with the dark scribble of his main character, shows how bewildered and out of place this character seems to be.  He is in an urban setting that is almost frightening, as would be a large window cracking and breaking into pieces.
He has various styles in his art.  For him, is not about concept; it’s a pause to share feelings about common experiences. His characters are often missing the real structure of what is supposed to be a full body and often all you see are the souls and essence of emotions.  It’s hard for Eriberto to try to give meaning or interpretation to his work, as he just seems to be a vessel for these inspirations.
The shading in his drawings are not to give the drawings three dimension but it is just there for character and texture.
Born and raised in the United States he sometimes paints from themes that flow from memories, with various painting styles, impressions from his subconscious and experiences.  
To see list of art collector, details and other samples of Eriberto’s painting and drawing GO TO ForbiddenArtLA.com


"Reclining Figures"

“Reclining Figures”



"Where is my Coffee?"

“Where is my Coffee?”




Published in:

Taschen  ♦ Hong Kong  ♦  Colon ♦ London ♦  Paris ♦ Tokyo ♦ Los Angeles

38 Timez ♦ Japan ♦ United States

Juxtapoz Magazine ♦ International

Eriberto’s also featured in the L A Times, LA Weekly and others

In an art review by top L A Times art critic, William Wilson called him a people’s aesthete.

L A WEEKLY named and featured Eriberto as a “Local Hero” for his work at the Pico House. 


GO TO MEDIA @  ForbiddenArtLA.com for listing of other publications.

Underground – METRO – Los Angeles “Historical and Spectacular.”

Underground – METRO – Los Angeles
“Historical and Spectacular.”
Red Line to the Civic Center: https://eribertooriol.wordpress.com/underground-metro/ by Eriberto Oriol.

Until the posting we did on these photos recently, few have seen these photos. They are amazing and a great insight into the process of excavating and making the dream of the Los Angeles metro underground a reality. They are the historical and spectacular.

When Eriberto was down there taking the photos, he was amazed; it was a totally different world. It reminded Eriberto of Dante’s poem, The Divine Comedy and the descent to the underworld. Eriberto also has photos of the Gold Line.













Be A MUSE – and feel GREAT

Be A MUSE – and feel GREAT

Help these two artists’ dream come true.

A MUSE is a person who believes in the power of arts and is willing to do something about it.

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Samples of Angelica’s art: MangoAzul.com
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Samples of Eriberto Oriol’s ART




The Artist’s DREAM and the MUSE

The artist’s dream is to be able to live off his or her art and to do that, they need to have the space and resources to create the art.

The Muse is the one who believes in the power of the arts and the artist.

Eriberto and I, Angelica Oriol have contributed to the arts and artists for a long time and now we want to dedicate our efforts to create art and contribute to the ARTS with our art.   We need investors/muse to help with resources to produce the ART and help to move it.

If you can help with the dream, contact us: eribertoartx@yahoo.com

Samples of Angelica’s art: MangoAzul.com
Samples of Eriberto’s art: ForbiddenArtLA.com


Rain Series

Los Angeles in the Rain is mystical, magical and beautiful.

Photos by Eriberto Oriol.