Lisa Lyon, you were ahead of your time!

Indeed, Lisa Lyon was ahead of her time.  Back in the day, she was at the forefront of female bodybuilding. She was described as the “Michelangelo’s David. ”

In this painting, Lisa Lyon is both male and female, because she had to use all that was within her to cope with the challenges that she faced.

Lisa also had an MRI taken because she wanted to make sure there was not something physically wrong with her. It is at times like these, that you start to question even your own sanity.

As an artist, Lisa saw the world in a different light. She did imagine the unimaginable. She was competing in a man’s world in a field where women bodybuilding did not exist.

Sometimes, when you are in the forefront, you need to use fear and the underworld guardians to energize you.

You need to act on instinct, have tenacity, spontaneity, and use the genius of the human spirit to find the treasures and “Save the Princess” and learn to “Dance on a slippery floor.”

Text by Angelica
Painting by Eriberto Oriol

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Eriberto was Lisa Lyon’s personal assistant for some time and has GREAT exclusive photos of her. This painting is based on one of those photos.

Image may contain: Eriberto Oriol, standing